Welcome to Gong Xiao's Group

Gong Xiao

Assistant Professor

Dr. Gong Xiao is an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He obtained his B. Eng. (Hon.) degree in Electrical Engineering from the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), and his Ph. D. degree in Electrical Engineering from NUS in June 2013. He was also a Visiting Scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), from May to August 2014. His research aims to enable a new generation of deeply-scaled transistors by employing high-mobility channels with the goal of extending Moore’s law beyond the scaling limits of Si (“More-Moore”) and develop “More-than-More” technologies to provide further value to semiconductor chips by incorporating functionalities that do not necessarily scale according to Moore’s law.


Latest Highlights!

    • Janurary 20th, 2022: Congratulations to Wang Haibo on his paper accepted in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices titled “Monolithic Waveguide-Integrated Group IV Multiple-Quantum-Well Photodetectors on 300 mm Si Substrates”.

    • November 17th, 2021: Congratulations to Zhou Zuopu and Jiao Leming on the acceptance of the paper in IEEE Electron Device Letters entitled “Time-Dependent Landau-Ginzburg Equation-Based Ferroelectric Tunnel Junction Modeling with Dynamic Response and Multi-Domain Characteristics”.

    • October 20th, 2021: Congratulations to Sun Chen and Zheng Zijie on the acceptance of the paper in IEEE Electron Device Letters entitled “Temperature-Dependent Operation of InGaZnO Ferroelectric Thin-Film Transistors with a Metal-Ferroelectric-Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Structure”.

    • September 29th, 2021: Congratulations to Zhou Jiuren and Kang Yuye on the acceptance of the paper in Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics entitled “A 6.5-nm-Thick Anti-Ferroelectric HfAlOx Film for Energy Storage Device with A High Density of 63.7 J/cm3”.

    • This year, we have 5 papers accepted in IEDM 2021, including 3 from our group and 2 co-authored ones with Rochester Institute of Technology and Chinese Academy of Sciences. This is the record number of IEDM papers in our group in recent 5 years. Well done! The papers are:
      1.       Al-doped and Deposition Temperature-engineered HfO2 Near Morphotropic Phase Boundary with Record Dielectric Permittivity (~68).
      2.       Low-Power and Scalable Retention-Enhanced IGZO TFT eDRAM-Based Charge-Domain Computing.
      3.       First demonstration of monolithic waveguide-integrated group IV multiple-quantum-well photodetectors on 300 mm Si substrate for 2 μm optoelectronic integrated circuits.
      4.       Computational Associative Memory Based on Monolithically Integrated Metal-Oxide Thin Film Transistors for Update-Frequent Search Applications.
      5.       A New Surface Potential and Physics Based Compact Model for a-IGZO TFTs at Multinanoscale for High Retention and Low-Power DRAM Application.