Group IV Technology

1. GeSn-based Transistors for High Performance and Low Power Logic Applications

The First GeSn FinFET on a Novel GeSnOI Substrate AchievingLowest S of 79 mV/decade and Record High Gm,int of 807 μS/μm for GeSn P-FETs (To be presented in VLSI Symposium 2017)

Record Low Specific Contact Resistivity(1.2×10-9Ω-cm2) for P-type Semiconductors: Incorporation of Sn into Ge and In-Situ Ga Doping(To be presented in VLSI Symposium 2017)

2. GeSn-Based Photonic Devices

Avalanche Photodiode featuring Germanium-Tin Multiple Quantum Wells on Silicon: Extending Photodetection to Wavelengths of 2 μm and Beyond (IEDM 2015)

Germanium-Tin Heterojunction Phototransistor: Towards High-Efficiency Low-Power Photodetection in Short-Wave Infrared Range (VLSI 2016)

III-V Technology

1. InGaAs HEMTs on Si Substrate for Microwave and mm Wave Applications

(left) Cross-section TEM image of an InGaAs HEMT integrated on silicon substrate. (right) Current gain of the HEMT device achieving a cut-off frequency of 60 GHz.

2. Heterogeneous Integration of Si CMOS with InGaAS HEMTs on 200 mm Si Substrate

Simplified cross-sectional schematic of heterogeneous integration of Si-CMOS with InGaAs HEMTs for future hybrid mixed-signal circuits.

3. Low Power and High Speed Opto-electronic Integrated Circuits (OEICs)

Enabling Low Power and High Speed OEICs: First Monolithic Integration of InGaAs n-FETs and GaAs/AlGaAs Lasers on Si Substrate (To be presented in VLSI Symposium 2017)